• Arming Goldman With Pistols Against Public: Alice Schroeder
  • Companies say more calling in sick
  • COBRA subsidies begin expiring for the unemployed Read the rest of this entry »

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  • U.S. pay czar says he can “claw back” exec compensation
  • Citigroup May Shift Phibro Trader Hall’s Pay to Stock From Cash
  • Chances Dim for a Public Plan
  • Barclays £30 million offer sparks City pay row
  • JPMorgan calls for BarCap scrutiny
  • France Seeking Ban on Guaranteed Bonuses for Bankers
  • Failed Banks Weighing on FDIC
  • UBS to name 5,000 accounts under U.S. deal: paper
  • UBS Tax Crackdown Widens to Hong Kong Read the rest of this entry »

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Emily Litella: Never mind
According to CNBC, the confirmed case of swine flu that was reported to be found at the Times Square Ernst & Young office appears not to be swine flu after all….

Addendum: Or as CNBC stressed in a later report they "can't confirm" that it's swine flu.

As with the spread of the disease, this story still seems to be developing….

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Steve Jobs’ letter to the troops

Posted by WSF On January - 14 - 2009

Sounds like Steve Jobs health is far worse than he's been letting on.  He announced that he's taking a medical leave of absense until June.  Jobs said recently that he has a  hormone deficiency which was responsible for his dramatic weight loss.  But per AP,  in a memo to his staff, he acknowledged that his health issues are more complex than he thought.

While the news is sad and we hope he recovers and returns, we can't say we're surprised.  We suspect that the stock will take it on the chin, down double digits.  How long before the lawsuits start to fly over how the company has handled  (or mishandled) the disclosure?   Pretty damned fast.

Apple CEO Jobs takes medical leave – AP

Addendum: The stock opened after the halt down around 10 points.

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The size of your units matters in trading prowess…

Posted by WSF On January - 13 - 2009

Right handed manThe size of your right hand digital units, that is…..

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Steve Jobs finally said something about his health.  In a bizarre off the record conversation to a journalist he doesn’t seem to respect a whole lot  — Joe Nocera, at the NY Times — Jobs apparently copped to an illness "a good deal more than a "common bug" in the Times’ words, but not life threatening, nor a recurrence of cancer.  Will Steve Jobs’ odd call Nocera put to rest the questions over the Apple CEO’s health for now, or will people now question his mental health for giving a huge scoop to someone he disdains?  The whole thing is weird.  We wonder why he just didn’t come clean on the record. The stock is down nearly $5 on the day….

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MBAs take to yoga as a stress reliever

Posted by WSF On July - 16 - 2008

Mirroring what many on Wall Street are already doing, especially in these uncertain times:  BusinessWeek cites the latest business school trend: MBA students are taking up yoga classes as a way to destress.  Students at University of Chicago, MIT’s Sloan School, Harvard Business School and Northwestern’s Kellogg School all are seeing increased popularity of yoga classes.

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Video: FBN takes a look at Wii Fit

Posted by WSF On May - 12 - 2008

This thing looks kinda fun….

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Testosterone and you…..

Posted by WSF On April - 15 - 2008

A study of London traders reveals that high
testosterone levels equals more money but also shows that the mood swings behind
market bubbles and crashes may be influenced by testosterone along with another
hormone cortisol, linked with uncertainty in markets and profits, explaining why
people caught up in bubbles and crashes often find it difficult to act

Dr John Coates lead author of the study, warns that a real danger in the present
credit crisis is not merely the extent of the market’s fall but its duration.

The longer volatility stays high, the greater the cortisol exposure experienced
by traders, and this can lead to a condition psychologists term "learned
helplessness" when they avoid any and every risk.

This work raises the speculative idea that one day City firms may try to
engineer the hormones of their traders – using drugs such as Flutamide (which
cuts the effects of testosterone) – if a market is spiralling out of control.

This "terrifies me," he says. A better approach to evening out the
behaviour of traders, he explains, would be to have more women and older people
on trading floors, who have a different response to that typified by hormonally
charged twenty something male.

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Happy Hour: Rebecca Gomez goes for a relaxing facial

Posted by WSF On April - 4 - 2008

It may be nuts, but Happy Hour may help you live longer

Posted by WSF On March - 28 - 2008

Check out Cody and Rebecca at the end….(and our vision of a "reassigned" Lloyd Blankfein…)

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He was spied "jogging up Columbus Avenue in a bright yellow shirt in 15-degree weather"

Is this a new fitness regime?  Maybe he’s training so that he can rumble with Lou Dobbs…

Sightings – NY Post Page Six

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Aging BSDs may benefit from a dose of testosterone

Posted by WSF On February - 26 - 2008

Wall Street is often described as a "high testosterone" environment.  You need big balls to work there.  But what if you’re older (like 40 and up) and your man berries aren’t functioning quite the way they did when your were an eager young pup, and instead you may be feeling tired and depressed?  Maybe you need testosterone replacement!  That’s what they’re saying at the 6th Annual World Congress on the Aging Male….

"If we had a drug that could restore
sexual function in men, make them stronger, build their bones, reduce fat and
get rid of the blues, you’d say, ‘Oh my God, why doesn’t everybody know about
it?’ " says Abraham Morgentaler, a urologist at Harvard Medical School and
director of the Men’s Health Boston clinic. "There is a drug like that –
but the public associates testosterone with cheating and illicit behavior and
the fact that 40 years ago, it was thought to give people prostate cancer."

Whether it does or not is still an open
question. But many studies have shown that low testosterone is associated with
reduced muscle mass, bone density, sexual function and vitality, and increased
fatigue, depression, Type II diabetes and obesity — particularly belly fat.
Evidence is accumulating that restoring testosterone to normal can alleviate
many of those problems.

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According to a 2005 construction permit just discovered on the Department of Buildings’ Web site, Mr. Murdoch is enlarging the existing exercise room in his three-level penthouse at 834 Fifth Avenue, which he bought two years ago for $44 million from Laurance Rockefeller’s estate.

The construction cost? Only $400,000!

Let’s Get Physical: Murdoch’s $400,000 Penthouse Gym – New York Observer


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It seems like everything causes cancer, even some of the things that we come to think make us healthier.  But too much may be a good thing.  The most recent possible cancer link has to do with taking multi-vitamins;  it may lead to increased risk of prostate cancer in men:

Millions of Americans take multivitamins as
part of their daily regimen and assume that they are getting some health
benefits. But a recent study by the National Cancer Institute found that men who
consume too many multivitamins might be upping their risk of a particularly
aggressive form of prostate cancer, especially men with a family history of the
disease. NEWSWEEK’s Alexandra Gekas spoke with Dr. Michael Leitzmann, senior
author of the study…..

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Attention baldies: Coffee could be just the brew for you

Posted by WSF On January - 23 - 2007


If you’re follically challenged, a new study shows that caffeine could help stimulate hair growth.  But you don’t have to drink it — that would require upwards of 60 cups a day to have any benefit — you rub it in:

The new study, published in the International Journal of Dermatology, found that caffeine works by blocking the effects of a chemical known to damage hair follicles.

But drinking plenty of coffee may not be the best answer.

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Blackberry is affecting family dynamics

Posted by WSF On December - 8 - 2006

Blackberry-001There’s a great article in the Wall Street Journal today on how Crackberries and other similar gadgets, which have become the center of many of our universes, are affecting families.  Kids are often feeling shortchanged because mom and dad are constantly focusing and obsessing on their addictive communicators.  You may even recognize yourself in the article:

As hand-held email devices proliferate, they are having an unexpected impact on family dynamics: Parents and their children are swapping roles. Like a bunch of teenagers, some parents are routinely lying to their kids, sneaking around the house to covertly check their emails and disobeying house rules established to minimize compulsive typing. The refusal of parents to follow a few simple rules is pushing some children to the brink. They are fearful that parents will be distracted by emails while driving, concerned about Mom and Dad’s shortening attention spans and exasperated by their parents’ obsession with their gadgets. Bob Ledbetter III, a third-grader in Rome, Ga., says he tries to tell his father to put the BlackBerry down, but can’t even get his attention. "Sometimes I think he’s deaf," says the 9-year-old.

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Bicyclistbusinessman004jpggifScrew the long hours.  This is one six year investment banking veteran who’s not letting anything get in the way of his passion for cycling:

6 years in, at the Vice President level, I can say that the transformation has been somewhat fulfilled. Now I am an investment banker; investment banking has permeated all aspects of my life. I’m relatively impatient at reaching conclusions, I scowl upon ineptitude, I process most of what life presents me through a fairly analytical set of processes, and my cash burn rate has steadily increased. These are just a few of the numerous implications, but the one I’ll elaborate on is a greater appreciation for "time is money". The opposite of which is "money is time". So if I want to buy myself more recreation time, I spend a few dollars to open up times for recreation which I didn’t possibly consider.

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Displaced traders turning to shrinks

Posted by WSF On November - 27 - 2006

Psychiatristlucypeanuts002Business is booming:  Shrinks are in high demand these days by depression plagued traders who have lost their high paying jobs in the transition to electronic trading:

"Traders are now going to psychologists – of course they are," said Howard Lasher, a veteran trader on the floor of the American Stock Exchange, watching downcast traders head for the exits at neighboring NYSE. "What’s the choice?"

Dr. Ari Kiev, best-selling author of several books on the psychology of trading – he taught his groundbreaking strategies to billionaire hedge fund trader Steve Cohen – admits he has seen several traders recently due to unemployment trauma.

"Some traders would talk to me about those kind of issues," he told The Post. "They could be clinically depressed or suffering from a phobic disorder." Dr. Kiev, who refined the motivational techniques for traders he pioneered as the first psychiatrist on the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine Council, said his aim is to get pink-slipped pros back in the game.

Laid-Off Traders Are Now Shrink Rapt – New York Post


Gordongekko03Attention all men:   If you spend hours and hours on your cell phones doing deals as many on Wall street do, your sacred swimmers may be at risk according to a new study:

The number of hours a man talks on a cellular phone each day may affect his fertility, with sperm count and quality deteriorating as the duration of calls increases, according to researchers in reproductive medicine.

Scientists in Cleveland, Mumbai and New Orleans tracked 364 men who were being evaluated for infertility, and split them into three groups based on sperm count. In the group whose sperm counts were within the normal range, those who used a cell phone more than four hours a day produced on average 66 million sperm per milliliter, 23 percent less than those in the group who didn’t use the phones at all.

The proportion of the cell-phone users’ sperm that possessed “normal forms” was 21 percent, almost half the 40 percent of normal sperm produced by men who didn’t use the phones, said the researchers, who presented their conclusions this week in New Orleans at the annual convention of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

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Dan Dorfman: High rise parachutes

Posted by WSF On October - 16 - 2006

Parachutebuilding002Are  you in a high rise wondering how you’d get out in the event of terrorism or some other disaster?  Dan Dorfman says building escape parachutes are the new ‘must haves’.  And sellers like Aeriel Egress, who believes — and no doubt hopes — that it’s just a matter of time before they’re mandated in high-rises, want to sell them to you:

On Friday, Dr. Lloyd Lateiner, a Westchester ophthalmologist, called some relatives living on the 31st floor of an East Side high-rise building in New York City and urged them to immediately buy a parachute for each member of the family. No, not for skydiving, but to keep them around the house in the event they had to get out of their apartment in hurry because of a fire or terrorist attack.

"I know if I lived in a high-rise and couldn’t reach the ground using a ladder, I’d have a parachute ready," he told them. "Using a parachute may seem scary," he said, "but it’s a good alternative to dying."

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