• Questions Raised About Evidence on Goldman
  • SEC vs Goldman Sachs
  • Goldman exec Cohn to attend Obama speech-source
  • Blankfein attacks ‘political’ SEC case
  • Tourre Expected Before Senate Panel
  • Obama Says SEC, White House Didn’t Discuss Goldman
  • Along with SEC, other investigators and suits may target Goldman Sachs
  • Obama Doesn’t Intend to Give Back Goldman Campaign Donations

Questions Raised About Evidence on Goldman – WSJ

New revelations about what hedge-fund firm Paulson & Co. told federal authorities before they brought a civil fraud lawsuit against Goldman Sachs Group Inc. could complicate the regulators’ efforts to win their case, lawyers say.

Paolo Pellegrini, a former Paulson executive, told Securities and Exchange Commission investigators he had informed an outside firm helping to create a now-controversial mortgage deal that Paulson intended to bet against, according to a person familiar with Mr. Pellegrini’s statements…..

SEC vs Goldman Sachs – CNBC video

Steve Liesman reports that ACA’s own portfolio’s suggestions actually made matters worse….

Goldman exec Cohn to attend Obama speech-source – Reuters

Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) President and Chief Operating Officer Gary Cohn is expected to attend President Barack Obama’s Wall Street regulation address on Thursday, a source familiar with the matter said…..

Blankfein attacks ‘political’ SEC case – Financial Times

Lloyd Blankfein yesterday attacked the Securities & Exch-ange Commission’s fraud charges in telephone calls to important clients as Goldman escalated its campaign to halt damage to the firm’s reputation.

One person who received a call from the Goldman chief said he was told the regulator’s case against the bank was politically motivated and would ultimately “hurt America”. Mr Blankfein mounted the campaign to bolster the confidence of its business partners in the wake of the SEC charges that the bank sold investors a security that was designed to fail…..

Tourre Expected Before Senate Panel - WSJ

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive Fabrice Tourre, charged last week by the Securities and Exchange Commission, is expected to appear at a high-profile Senate hearing next week, a person familiar with the situation said.

But Mr. Tourre could yet seek to withdraw as a witness……

Obama Says SEC, White House Didn’t Discuss Goldman – Bloomberg

President Barack Obama said the White House had no influence on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision to file suit against Goldman Sachs Group Inc. as financial regulation legislation is being debated in Congress.

Any notion that the administration knew ahead of time about the SEC action is “completely false,” Obama said in an interview today with CNBC. The SEC is an independent federal agency and “they never discussed with us anything” about the Goldman Sachs case, he said…..

Along with SEC, other investigators and suits may target Goldman Sachs – Washington Post

As investigators in Massachusetts considered charging Wall Street firms for their role in the financial collapse, they focused on Goldman Sachs because it had bundled and sold the shoddiest of subprime mortgage loans, setting up the housing market for a greater fall by continuing to sell shaky securities even as other banks withdrew.

After discussions with the office of state Attorney General Martha Coakley (D), Goldman last year agreed to pay up to $60 million to end that investigation, the first major settlement involving Wall Street’s role in the subprime mortgage crisis.

“Goldman was particularly active with respect to facilitating the lending by two of the more notorious and unsound subprime lenders — Fremont and New Century,” Coakley said Wednesday. “Goldman was especially active with these companies in the latter stages of the subprime lending boom . . . when it should have been increasingly clear to any responsible person that the subprime loan pools underlying securitizations suffered serious problems.”….

Obama Doesn’t Intend to Give Back Goldman Campaign Donations – Bloomberg

President Barack Obama doesn’t plan at this time to give back almost $1 million in campaign contributions from employees of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

“We make these decisions on a case-by-case basis, and in this case we have not accepted contributions from specific individuals accused of wrongdoing, nor have we advocated for positions that big Wall Street banks generally favor,” Hari Sevugan, a Democratic National Committee spokesman, said in a statement…..

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