Jim Simons, Renaissance TechnologiesAlpha Magazine's list of the top 25 hedge fund earners is out and Renaissance Technologies' Jim Simons has recaptured the top position with earnings estimated at $2.5 billion.  John Paulson moved down to #2 at $2 billion.  Centaurus Energy's John Arnold is #4 at $1.5 billion, George Soros is #4 at $1.1 billion and Bridgewater Associates' Ray Dalio rounds out the top five at $780 million.  Here are the top 25:

Rank     Name     Firm Name     2008 Earnings
1     James Simons     Renaissance Technologies Corp.     $2.5 billion    Profile
2     John Paulson     Paulson & Co.     $2 billion      Profile
3     John Arnold     Centaurus Energy     $1.5 billion      Profile
4     George Soros     Soros Fund Management     $1.1 billion    Profile
5     Raymond Dalio     Bridgewater Associates     $780 million    Profile
6     Bruce Kovner     Caxton Associates     $640 million     Profile
7     David Shaw     D.E. Shaw & Co.     $275 million    Profile
8     Stanley Druckenmiller     Duquesne Capital Management     $260 million    Profile
9 (tie)     David Harding     Winton Capital Management     $250 million    Profile
9 (tie)     Alan Howard     Brevan Howard Asset Management     $250 million     Profile
9 (tie)     John Taylor Jr.     FX Concepts     $250 million     Profile

The earnings and profiles for the remainder of the top 25 will be out on Thursday:

12     James Chanos     Kynikos Associates    
13     Michael Platt     BlueCrest Capital Management    
14     Roy Niederhoffer     R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management    
15     John Horseman     Horseman Capital Management    
16     Paul Touradji     Touradji Capital Management    
17     Henry Laufer     Renaissance Technologies Corp.    
18     Kenneth Tropin     Graham Capital Management    
19 (tie)     Pierre Andurand
Dennis Crema     BlueGold Capital Management    
19 (tie)     Christopher Rokos     Brevan Howard Asset Management    
22 (tie)     Christian Baha     Superfund    
22 (tie)     Christian Levett     Clive Capital    
24     William Dunn     Dunn Capital Management    
25     Andrew Hoine     Paulson & Co.

The 25 Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers – Alpha Magazine

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One Response to “Alpha Magazine’s Top 25 Hedge Fund earners is out, and Jim Simons regained the top slot”

  1. anon says:

    the presence of Christian Baha and Superfraud on this list is a travesty.

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