With the summer season barely underway, page Six highlights the latest Wall
Street feud in the Hamptons.  No, it’s not short seller Jim Chanos again
battling over shrubbery / the width of the path to the beach with his Goldman
Sachs heavy hitter neighbor Marc Spilker.  This time its Jana Partners hedge fund head Barry Rosenstein practicing his activist craft in a battle with his neighbor Christopher
Clark, chairman of W.G. Clark Construction Co.  At issue: the number of
cars parked by guests at the birthday party of Clark’s 9-year old kid that
spilled on to  Drew Lane in East Hampton.  It seems that Rosenstein (or
his maid by some accounts) had the cops show up over the illegal parking,
pissing off Clark. Apparently this feud has been brewing for quite some time.  And with the summer so young, who knows what’s bound to happen next.  We’ll stay tuned….. 

Among the guests who scrambled to avoid a ticket were Allure editor Linda Wells, vineyard owner Christian Wolffer and designer Nicole Miller, who told us, "It was a mass exodus. Everyone ran out to cram their cars into the [Clarks'] driveway."
  Another source said Rosenstein didn’t call the police, "his maid did," and that his wife,
  Lizanne, went to the Clarks to say she was sorry, but they didn’t accept her apology.

Another neighbor, restaurateur Jerry Della
  Femina, says the families have been battling for nearly two years. A source tells us that Clark’s wife, Stephanie, also called the cops on Della Femina later Saturday night because his son had a party.

The Rosensteins arrived two years ago, when they bought a beautiful house on the ocean for $20 million and knocked it down to build a bigger one for another $20 million. "The Clarks didn’t like all the construction trucks," said another neighbor.

Panic in E. Hampton
– Page Six NY Post

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One Response to “Latest Wall Street ‘Hatfield & McCoy’ Hamptons confrontation features Jana Capital’s Barry Rosenstein”

  1. Romme says:

    So many rich people have no manners or tolerance. Jeez

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