What a cheapskate.  According to the NY Post, Merrill Lynch Chief Adminstrative Officer Amass Fakahany (now there’s a name one could have fun with without much imagination!), who earned in excess of $10 million or more a year for the past three years, is trying to get child support reduced for his out of wedlock love child with Australian model Alison Dawson. 

Fakahany, who has "recently" married another woman, according to a Merrill source, met Aussie stunner Alison Dawson almost three years ago. But the relationship deteriorated before Dawson gave birth to the couple’s son, Raine Dawson, on April 8, 2004.

Dawson’s lawyer, Raoul Felder, told PAGE SIX, "I don’t think [Fakahany] has ever seen his son."

Dawson immediately sued for child support and was recently awarded $3,500 a month in Manhattan Family Court. But now, Fakahany has hired an Australian barrister to try and have the case moved to the Down Under courts — so that he can get out of paying so much.

"In Australia, the limit you can pay in child support is $1,200 [Australian dollars] a month," Felder explained. "He makes $10 million a year. Trying to move the case to Australia would make sense if he made $200 a week, but this? What on earth could motivate this [cheapness]? People always complain about the morality of people in Hollywood, but I worry about the morality of people on Wall Street."

Wall St. Dad’s Cheap Way Out – NY Post


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